Milan, 23 September 2015.

The Arab Fashion Council (AFC), the largest non-profit fashion association representing the 22 Arab Countries held a press conference in Milan, on the 23rd of September 2015, during the Milan Fashion Week to announce the dates of the first official fashion week in the Arab World ‘’Arab Fashion Week’’ presented by Huawei Arabia and in partnership with Dubai Fashion Tv of the International Fashion Network (IFN), the Arab Fashion Week will host the exclusive Royal Arts installation “Royal Signature – Where Art Meets Fashion” in collaboration with Art UAE Foundation sponsored by The National Council of Tourism and Antiquities of the United Arab Emirates.

The press conference was opened by the speech of Cavaliere Mario Boselli, the Honorary President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and also of the Arab Fashion Council, welcoming in Milan Jacob Abrian the Founder and Ambassador of the AFC, HRH Sheikha Bashayer Naif Jaber Al Sabah the Honorary President of the AFC in Kuwait, Mrs. Desiree Bollier CEO of Value Retail and AFC’s Fashion Advisor as well Guido Dolci the President of Major Models and the Models’ Development Advisor at AFC.

H.E. Cavaliere Boselli announced that the Arab Fashion Week presented by Huawei will take place in Dubai at the Park Hyatt from 31 October – 2 November 2015. Over 3 days it will host a group of prominent International and Arab designers promoting the Spring Summer 2016. The Fashion Week will be closed by the Red Carpet event that has in programme the fashion award distribution. “The pan-European and Mediterranean area can play a significant role in the globalized world to keep the various macro-systems balanced. These days, competition isn’t between individual countries,” Boselli said, “but among macro-areas: having a pan-European and Mediterranean area where goods can be manufactured cheaply and then sold on markets such as the Arab Emirates, means creating a bi-lateral economic system, with suppliers and customers, beneficial both for Italy and southern Europe.”

‘’The Arab Fashion Council has a very significant role in positioning the Arab world on the international map of fashion by building a concrete bridge between the East and West’’; stated the Founder Jacob Abrian: ‘’After a long wait since the first fashion week took place in New York, a century ago, the Arab Fashion Week is finally an official landmark that is added today among the big four fashion weeks’’.

HRH Sheikha Basher Al Sabah highlighted the importance of the Arab Fashion Council’s initiative of nominating prominent ladies from the Royal and Ruling families as Honorary President of their respective countries in the Arab Fashion Council. “This initiative will inspire the Honorary Presidents to give an official support to their local talents so as to create an environment of creative competition, thus elevating fashion education to a higher level that will surely enhance their awareness of artistic cultural scenes internationally.’’

Mrs. Desiree Bollier, the CEO of Value Retail and Fashion Advisor at the Arab Fashion Council emphasised the importance of the Council and the need to enrich and empower the Designers with knowledge, training, exposure and how, in the coming months, she will seek to develop strategies to help enhance the know how of the Arab Talents. She added ‘’It is the first time for the industry to develop a Fashion Week that defines a new line of collection the ‘’Ready Couture’’ that is future milestone of the Arab World’’.

Finally, Mr. Guido Dolce, the Chairman of Major models, Assem and the Models’ Development Advisor at the Arab Fashion Council drew attention to the relevance of developing the models industry in the Arab World that will acknowledge a stronger footprint of the Arab Fashion System on the international scene. He ensured that in meantime the AFC will be casting the models in Milan.

To establish a liaison between Arts and Fashion, the (AFC) hosts simultaneously with its Fashion Week the exclusive art installation experience “Royal Signature – Where Art Meets Fashion” emphasised Manuel Ivan Maria Perrotta, CEO of (IFN): ‘’This experience will create a journey through contemporary Art where the Art Masterpieces made by members of the U.A.E. Royal Families will meet Ready-Couture fashion designs by a careful selection of some of the most talented designers from the international fashion scene. Between the names of the artist there are notable Royal Artist confirmed  that for the first time will also perform live on stage’’.

The press conference was concluded by Jacob Abrian thanking the great capital of fashion, Milan, and Cavaliere Mario Boselli to host the conference, inviting the journalists to mark the Arab Fashion Week on their biannual schedule and to expect Dubai as the new Fashion Capital.

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