Yi Dai Mei from China
Thursday 22 November  2018 at D3
9:00 PM

In 1974, designer Yi Dai Mei was born in Tongling, Anhui, China. In 2005, we set up our own factory and accumulated many years' experience in designing fashionable women's wear, jeans and Arabian gowns at home and abroad. In 2017, we founded Jiangsu Zhang Dai Mei International Trade Co., Ltd. In October 13, 2018, the brand of YI DAI EMI was put on the China Changshu clothing city - Dubai economic and trade cooperation promotion conference. In October 19th, YI DAI MEI launched a new fashion trend in the fashion week of Yiwu fashion exhibition. On October 30, we took the YI DAI MEI brand Muslim robes to the 124th Canton Fair, which pushed the fashion of Muslim robes to a new height and let more people know. YI DAI MEI is the brand of Muslim robe created by Ms. Zhang. Originated from the Islamic dress concept and purpose: from people's wear to guide people to the best, in the dress beauty to follow the principle of the beauty of the high-end brand. Design concept: Generally, white, light blue, light green mainly to minimize absorption of heat. Considering from the point of view of conducive to air convection inside and outside, the leading part and the opening part of the gown are relatively large, and the premise is loose wearing and good air exchange inside and outside. Humanized design in order to adapt to the deserts which are dry and hot all the year round.