Saturday 12th May 2018 at 7:30 pm

Harmony Yerevan was founded by fashion lover Lilith Grigoryan. She developed a passion for fashion from a young age. Starting from student years she used to sew dresses for herself. Her dresses enjoyed popularity among her friends; everyone liked what she was doing. Over the years, Lilith Grigoryan had an idea to set up her own fashion house. In 2011 in Yerevan, this idea became a reality. She met a clothes designer Michael Danielyan and that served as a start point for the further successful cooperation. In the same year, Lilith Grigoryan launched womenswear brand Harmony and Michael Danielyan became the creative director of the brand. The first collection of Harmony enjoyed great success in Armenia. In 2012, the brand opened a showroom in the heart of Yerevan, a year later Harmony was renamed to Harmony Yerevan.

During the 7 years of brand’s history, Harmony Yerevan represented eleven collections. On one hand all the collections are different from one another; on the other hand, the signature of the brand is very recognizable. Today, Harmony Yerevan has clients from different spheres. Among them are local celebrities, politicians, spouses of diplomatic representatives, including from Gulf countries and just in general women who want to have a unique and feminine look.

In 2017 Harmony Yerevan launched a new line called Young Harmony, which is targeted to youth who like fresh and sporty looks, who brave enough to try contemporary and conceptual clothes.

The main idea of Harmony Yerevan is to make women feel comfortable and beautiful, staying individual. As one can guess from its name, a woman and her outfit must be in harmony.

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