Wednesday 9th May 2018 at 10:30 pm

Designer Tamam Humariff grew up in Dagestan, Russia. Since his childhood, he always dreamt of evading to a world of fantasy. He started sketching dresses at the age of fourteen.

  But Tamam's family did not take her interest seriously. Tamam graduated from the university with a law degree.

In 2010, Tamam Humariff opens her first wedding boutique in Makhachkala, catering to a growing private clientele.But at this moment she's worked, a lawyer.

In  October 2012 Tamam got married. And she's found support for her talent in the person of her husband, and finished lawyer careers.

In 2013, Tamam signed a contract with the tailor in Dubai to sew wedding dresses according to her sketches.

 In 2015, Tamam presents her couture collection for the first time during Moskow fashion Week in Moskow, gaining momentum with media.

 In 2016, she opens boutique in  Moskow and in Baku.

  In 2017, Tamam presents her couture collection in Paris Oriental Fashion Week.

  Today Tamam Humariff has his own production and design studio. Director Humariff her husband. They have son and daughter.