Schedule: Friday, 8.00 pm, 17 November 2017 | Dubai, City Walk.

Doors close 30 mins prior to the show. Guests should arrive at 7.15 pm Dubai time, as late arrival would result in missing the show. 

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Humariff is a couture fashion house based in Moscow. Humariff was founded by young designer Tamam Humariff in 2013.

As a studio to create black tie dresses. The conceptual idea behind the brands DNA is that the designer combined and represented as a whole a variety of textures, silhouettes, shapes, combining them with fine handwork and multi-faceted draperies.

Each dress and everything is created in a single copy and have an identification number.

The brand is designed for girls and women who want to be unique. More information is available at http://www.humariff.com