Schedule: Thursday, 9:00 pm, 16 November 2017 | Dubai, City Walk.

Doors close 30 mins prior to the show. Guests should arrive at 8:15 pm Dubai time, as late arrival would result in missing the show. 

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BIOGRAPHY, born on 24 February 1977 in TIVOLI (RM). Starting from Mario Orfei has a predisposition for creativity 's only four years old family figure grandmother notices her qualities and craftsmanship teaches him to use knitting and crocheting, her early works are bracelets that yarn and satin that you put on sale x play a few strokes doing a banquet with a shoe box. In 1998 he graduated in Applied Art - mettlers and orifice and also in Master of Art. In the year of the same year, he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome section of scenography. In those 4 years, Mario Orfei has expanded his knowledge and has a growing desire for knowledge and experience in the field of photography. He has no limits on photography, direction, acting, and costume, to keep it fit for all the work of cinema, fashion and tv.

Enter the fashion world in the year 2004 working for the fashion house stretch couture, home of eclectic moto where Mario Orfei identifies and tries to carping all the expressive techniques. In the following years between 2006 and 2012, he worked under eight-glam fashion brands. In the year 2017, he received the emerging young stylist award through LOOk Of The YEARS.

In March 2016 the Mario Orfei brand was born, where he opened his collection on January 27th, 2017 in the Autumn-Winter collection in the High Rome 17-18

July 8.7.2017 high Rome (the look of the year) summer collection 18


Mario Orfei has the bottom of refined spirit.

The leaders develop a proposal of high-performance fabrics and a range of unique and precious shades. It demonstrates extreme care in detail and traditional workmanship. A remarkable technical skill and innovation combine a clever re-elaboration of Italian manufacturing tradition, a dynamic design, and international image.

For Mario Orfei, style is the harmony of each one of us between his own inner being and the external qualities in society. Style creates the difference in recognition without the need to be presented.

Inspired by the color-painted flair of his passion for art history, Mario Orfei marries hot-colored tones in contrast to the cold, his color paniolos are always accessing, giving a touch of originality and refinement, modern and refined. Mario Orfei as a difference the design of the product follows all its shape, from the project figurine, passed into the hands of the model and packaged in tailor-made all made in Italy. the master of the Mario Orfei collection is the ability to combine male categories with sensual forms and feminine prints,

GENIUS 27-1.2017, its first collection In Alta Roma I have the name Reflex City is a true expression of refined creativity. Reflections of lights and colors that permeate the most glamorous women's evenings; the world's citizens, dancing on music notes all made in Italy.

JULY 8-7-2017

Spring/summer collection 18 High Rome with a look of the years international.


  The fourth edition 10-8-2017 International Award Italian Doc, traveling through excellence; young talent emerging Italian stylist.

The motivation for love and respect has always reserved to fashion in any role she has covered.

For the ethics with which he has made his work in Italy, for the search for fabrics, embroidery, and colors always consistent with his Italianity, for his only made Italy policy from materials to craftsmen.

7.10.2017 recognition doc the Italian excellence circle of the principles knights of San Silvestro.

15.10.2017 Marco Fattori's grand prize of special celebrity celebrations. European Fashion designer of the years 2017.


MARIO ORFEI was born with the studio of cinema and theater in scenography.

He has a rapport with actors such as FRANCESCA ROMA COLUZZI, ROBERTO BENIGNI, where to maintain his studies to be independent, he has roles acting as a classmate role-playing fellow.

MARIO ORFEI of this experience also captures the creative side here that later influences his trend in fashion.  More information is available atwww.nordic-angels.com