Schedule: Friday, 9:00 pm, 17 November 2017 | Dubai, City Walk.

Doors close 30 mins prior to the show. Guests should arrive at 8:15 pm Dubai time, as late arrival would result in missing the show. 

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Nordic Angels were founded by Marketa Häkkinen in March 2017 in Monaco, but this new brand has already made a breakthrough in the fashion industry. The designer and founder, Marketa, is a well-known socialite in Monaco, where she resides with her husband Mika Häkkinen, a former Formula One World Champion. She enjoys a luxurious life with her husband and three children. Through Marketa, Mika has developed a keen eye for fashion and participates in buying her clothes while taking her body type and size into consideration. In an interview with Elle Magazine, Marketa mentioned that Mika has a good sense of style, but that was not always the case. When Marketa met Mika he would wear old-fashioned clothing, high-rise pants and lacked an overall sense of style. After thorough advisement from Marketa, Mika is now a “stylish and handsome man.” Together they enjoy fashion and the extravagances it has to offer. Marketa made her start in the fashion industry when she studied design and textiles in the Czech Republic, her native country. Once her children were in school, she finally decided to pursue her dreams of becoming an international fashion designer. With her celebrity friends in mind, Marketa has designed luxurious and unique pieces of clothing that they can wear when they attend stylish events. Her passion for fashion is highly influenced by her lifestyle and aims to create high fashion couture pieces with the use of exclusive materials made from deer hide. Her expensive, one of a kind design conjure an elegant yet sexy style to her clothing mirroring her adventurous life. With the support of her husband, Marketa embarked on a journey when she founded her brand, Nordic Angels, in March 2017. Her two feature collections consist of high fashion couture and bridal couture styles. Her collections, Lapland and Orchestra are comprised of beautiful bridal gowns inspired by the past and feature high fashion couture pieces with an elegant but sexy and romantic style. All of her collections are fashioned with exclusive leather, deer hide, and high fashion lace and tulle. These statement pieces evoke a unique, modern and sexy style with a customized approach that will make every woman feel special. Through her designs, Marketa hopes to, “create the ultimate ‘Fairy Tale’ brand for all high profile customers globally.” Every sketch is designed with a specific woman in mind, made to represent real women, her curvy designs are created with the thought that every woman should stay forever young. She hopes that the women wearing her designs “are proud of their body and feel that they’ve turned their life into a fairytale.” More information is available at www.nordic-angels.com