Huang Jia Production from China
Thursday 22 November 2018 at Dubai Design District 
8:30 PM 

Huangshen, the director of costume design, captures inspiration with his unique life perspective and design concept based on his preference for Chinese traditional costumes and his understanding of modern aesthetics. Even a piece of white paper, a pot of grass, there will always be metaphysical thinking; He has a wide range and looks like a worker, technician, artist, but he is more like a craftsman when he works; There is no specific definition of design for him. All so-called optimization and innovation are design and life. This is also in line with the "Huang Family Production" has always been the core definition: the small and beautiful life is a design! He -- Huangshen -- is an ordinary beautician!

“Huang Jia Production" was founded in 2013. Its products are leisure products and take a light retro cultural and artistic route. It is a native Chinese brand in Changshu, China. It emphasizes Chinese elements and uses modern tie-dyeing, embroidery, and printing techniques in the design of products. Make products not only return to nature but also lead fashion!