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The Career of this fashion designer emerges in Paris when, with the age 18, he went to the house of Joseph Camps, considered one of the greatest masters of French Haute Couture, having gone through this workshop young artists who later became obligatory references of European Haute Couture, among them Emanuel Ungaro, Francesco Smalto, Dominique Rousseau, Claude Rousseau, Henry Hurbain and Benuchi. The latter worked with Tony Miranda on the same cutting table.

In 1967 comes the big opportunity, entering the house Ted Lapidus, where after two years he ascends to the position of director of the creative area and modelling. In the next 10 years he was responsible for the famous ‘griffe’ Lapidus.

It was during 1979 that he decided to open his own Atelier of Haute Couture in the 61 bis, Suffren Avenue, one of the most elegant areas of Paris and having later opened the boutique Tony Miranda in 5 Rue Cambom. This was the moment that his name was projected in the ‘Homeland of Fashion’ and as well in other countries, wearing prominent personalities in the politics, finance, aristocracy, society and entertainment world, among which we can point out names such as Shah of Persia Mohammad Reza Pahlevi, Prince Saud al Faisal and Prince Turki, Kamal Adham, Mardam Zuer, President Omar Bongo and Madam Edit Bongo, Félix Houphouët-Boigny, Togo President General Étienne Eyadéma, Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel, Brigitte Bardot, Sylvie Vartan and Brigitte Fausset among others.

The return to Portugal occurs in 1989, opening an Atelier of Haute Couture right in the Historic Centre of Guimarães, while retaining simultaneously the activity in Paris. This return represents an attempt to develop a school of Haute Couture in the country and thus attempt to claim the name of Portugal in the wheel of international high fashion.

The many fashion shows over the years in Portugal and abroad, Madrid, Paris, Luanda, Las Vegas, show that borders do not exist, as he continues to wear today many national and international personalities in his stores and ateliers located in Guimarães, at Rua Val de Donas, 3 – 11, Alameda de São Dâmaso, 56/58 and at his own building in Lisbon, at 92/100, Avenida da Liberdade.

In May 2005, he designs and launches under the theme ‘prevention is Life’, a T-shirt with his signature, promoting together with Oporto IPO, a Breast Cancer campaign that year. Under the same theme, he developed a collection that was presented in Évora City, at the “Beato Convent”.

Known for its irreverent and entrepreneur nature, launches in 2007 a new collection in the textiles area, developing a theme ranging from decorative accessories to the chic simplicity, which he called Tony Miranda Haute Couture, becoming a pioneer in introducing scented articles.

In 2008, at the invitation of the National Museum of Costume, he prepares an exhibition on the theme of ‘Passion’, which portrays an entire life in the art of the fashion, of the dressing, donating 3 Haute Couture models, which mark three different deans of his career, started in Paris and continued in Portugal.

The constant search for perfection, take this fashion designer to establish some partnerships with universities in the sense of the innovation of raw materials. After a long and exhausting study about cork, the fashion designer launches in 2009 a line of accessories and fashion that goes since handbags to men shoes, hats and office accessories. The TM Cork collection is a mixture of several elements, where denim, silk, lace, interconnect with cork, turning this collection in a unique and creative exemplar. The same was presented in the USA at WWD Magic Show, starting to sell the griffe for the USA and Japan market.

2010/2011 – A year marked for several fashion productions in Paris, and participation in Vêndome.

With the slogan “A passion for the art, a dream for fashion and design”, the creator closely linked to travels of work and leisure, involves himself in a new and daring project, opening an Hostel, TMHostel 1, where irreverence and sophistication of fashion and design are connect in a building of old features, turning it into a reflex of his collections. TMHostel 1 is born℗ and gives place to TMHostel 2. This one has a innovative concept that is based in the symphony of colour. Both are situated in the Historic city centre of Guimarães, city which has been elected European Capital of Culture 2012. One of the buildings, TMHostel1, which has been refurbished, was the place where for many and long years, the creator himself worked, builded his dreams and transformed them into realities. This is how the Hostels chain started, where fashion is a tonic and is represented in every single object.

In 2012, in his building at Avenida da Liberdade, 100 - 2nd floor, the creator plans an atelier for selected clientele, targeted only for private clients, by appointment, with exclusive service in an ambience where the concept of Haute Couture and of luxury are the hallmark of this creator.

Also in Guimarães, he presents, under the European Capital of Culture, an interactive show in the gardens and cloisters of the Palace of the Dukes, where the participation of the city was dominant note.

Presentation of the private collection, in Paris, at the Vendôme Luxury.

2013 – Special participation at Angola fashion week.

A year particularly marked by the presentation of haute couture show "L'Art de la Perfection" at the Hotel Ritz in Lisbon. This fashion show was composed by 100 exclusive models for men and women.

On the same year presents to the National Press the new MIRANDA line, a Couture line at more affordable prices.

2014 - Launch of a new collection of fashion accessories for man and inspired by the captain of the Portuguese national team, Tony Miranda creates cufflinks in football shape, in gold and silver and precious stones with variants from one to seven diamonds.

Year also marked by a new challenge, opening a footwear traditional workshop for men, produced according the traditional methods.

The collection of men's shoes was presented in Italy at MICAM, with a wide variety of models, where the careful selection of materials, embodied in exotic leather to calf skins, glacé lamb, among others. The collection was marked by the presentation of the PRIME line where it developed the specific creation of a pair of crocodile shoes with application in gold and 40 diamonds.

2015 - Opening a new space, in Guimarães, with the presentation of Prêt-a-Porter and Couture collection, for man and woman.

Opening a Guest House, in the historic center, in Guimarães. www.tmguesthouse.com

Presentation of a private collection, "follow your dreams," for man and woman in the “Place de Vendome”, Paris.

Presentation of the collection "Men's shoes" follow 2016, Milan / Italy.

2016 -Presentation of a private collection for man in London.

Presentation of the collection "Dress for a cause - Men’s fantasy" 2016/17, Culturgest/Lisbon, where it gathered about 55 public figures of the Portuguese society, the creator invited each one of them to wear a piece of the Tony Miranda collection and they accept to give their faces for the blood donors, a solidarity registration for an audience of over 500 people.

Presentation of private collection in Paris, at “Place de Vendome”.

Presentation in Italy / Milan, of the collection Men’s shoes, where the source of inspiration of the European community stars has been the keynote.

Opening of a new exclusively male space, where dream and fantasy are mixed with reality, in the Avenida da Liberdade, 100 - 3rd floor.

2017 - Development, creation and presentation of the collection of women shoes, under the theme "To Mirror", development, creation and presentation of the men's shoes collection, under the theme "Mirror", both presented in Milan at MICAM in February and in September with the collection under the theme “Shine”, for men and for women.

Presentation and fashion production at Culturgest in partnership with the Blood Donors Group.

Was distinguished with the city medal of honour and merit by the municipal chamber of Guimarães.

Presentation of the urban collection "Street Wear" in the Carlos Lopes Pavilion, under the theme "Beauty has no age in the City", a partnership with the Santa Casa da Misericordia, Lisbon.

Presentation of the "Private Women" collection in Paris, "Place de Vendôme".

2018 - Invitation from ENENE, Phygital Concept Store, for the sale of pieces from the Tony Miranda collection, at the boutique in Paris, at 24 Rue du Temple, Marais.