AAVVA is a fashion brand with a Camel logo, distinctly known as the brand that blends the Arabic and Latin roots through exhibiting a unique façade in the industry; with a unique scale of awe-inspiring art categorically brought Architectural insight into Fashion and took Dubai runway by storm. The brand has been in the journey since 2011, continuously creating stylish and avant-garde silhouettes.

Envisaged by Engr. Ahmad Ammar (Lebanese) and Arch. Vincenzo Visciglia (Brazilian), with a sole purpose in mind and infinite passion in heart – to create an exceptional masterpiece inspired by the mixture of two cultures, the two designers took advantage of their skills and brought out designing to the next level. Over the years, the brand earned good reputation and now proudly stands as “The Architects of Fashion”.

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Architecture remains prominent in their designs, yet every piece of AAVVA is a personification of elegance reflecting the designers’ dedication and hard work, to bring the world something exceptional. The designers of AAVVA always believe that their enthusiasm to produce an art constitutes their own dreams and imagination. Deep understanding about Architecture reflects in their Wardrobe Collections throughout the years, which has been remarkable and impressive for the brand’s unique persona.

Since the beginning of AAVVA, Ahmad and Vincenzo have split their time between Architecture, Engineering and Fashion. The brand’s never ending enthusiasm lies within a desire to create something that necessitates the body; and as their vision remains, the imagination broadens into a greater artistic approach.

The brand was built with Architectural insights that harmonize the contradictory elements of east and west; embodied by classic and contemporary aura; dark and bright side of colors along with the use of superior raw materials and fine stitches. Producing one of the kind craftsmanship, the brand exhibits a unique face in the industry.