Andrea Conti


She is a superlative woman. When she smiles, it is wide, when she speaks is with bright eyes. She is present, intense and strong. Those kind of people who do not pass without being noticed. As well as her jewels, radiant extensions of andrea’s personality.

In parallel to her passion for jewelry, andrea majored in marketing from espm, business administration from faap, accounting from unip, and a degree in the performing arts course at wolf maya school. A shrine of knowledge that she would use later in the jewelry business – a métier in which numbers and human relationships have equal value. In 2015, andrea conti launched her namesake brand. The first collection, named “the edge”, was inspired by the famous snowmass ski slope, aspen. “it represents the birth phase of my brand: exciting, intense and thrilling, like going down a radical ski slope.”. 

Our goal is to add even more value to the partner’s company brand, offering a “official agency”


Exclusivity through exclusive banner on our email marketing, posts on social media, and instagram stories during travels and special actions with opinionforming and celebrities andrea conti brand is present on brazil, london and dubai.

Present throughout Brazil, London and Dubai, With AA public, Andrea Conti’s brand reaches sophisticated and modern women, who value quality when buy their jewelry.