Anya Caliendo was born in Russia, a country of white sparkling snows, gold-headed churches, magnificent history and, above all, kind and beautiful people.Her first introduction to the world of divine hats happened in the private library of her Grandfather. There, at the age of three, she discovered an old book filled with black and white photographs of the Russian Royal Family. She remembers being absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of the hat worn by Alexandra Romanoff and her daughters, Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia. Those images stayed with her forever.Many years later, after graduating with a degree in Linguistics, she unexpectedly discovered the most seductive place in the world – New York. Anya ended up crossing the Atlantic Ocean and found herself precisely in the front of the Oscar de la Renta boutique. That moment marked the beginning of her love affair with Fashion. New York was unexplored territory, and she immediately fell in love with it.New York was incredibly generous to her and opened the doors of the Parson School Of Design, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and many other brilliant exhibitions where she spent countless hours studying fashion design, the history of fashion and attending numerous seminars and lectures.

Ultimately, she discovered that her true passion lies in the field of millinery arts. Her most treasured experience in studying the art of traditional millinery came from her long stay in Great Britain. There she had the privilege of being taught by one of the most legendary names in the field of millinery arts, Mrs. Rose Cory. A brilliant lady who, as well as making hats for many eminent people and theatrical productions, produced hats for Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

After her return to beloved New York, she decided to open a Couture Millinery Atelier under her name where she immediately started to work on developing her first, deeply personal collection. “Je Ne Regrette Rien” (“No Regrets”).

“Je Ne Regrette Rien” was followed by the debut of “Russia Divine Tribute” Collection in 2009. In the Fall of 2009, Anya once again crossed the Atlantic, this time for the wonderful opportunity of the apprenticeship under the great millinery master Stephen Jones in his London Atelier. While in London, she worked on the creation of hats for the Collections of Jason Wu Spring-Summer 2010, Donna Karan Spring-Summer 2010, Kinder Aggugini Spring-Summer 2010, Comme Des Garcons Spring-Summer 2010, John Galliano Spring-Summer 2010. Apprenticeship with Mr. Jones became a life and career changing experience for her.

It has been an extraordinary journey full of divine surprises and exciting projects and she is looking forward to its continuation.

She believes that the true enchantment of a woman begins with a fabulous hat. When crafted by the hand of a skilled Milliner, it becomes a natural extension of effortless elegance. It becomes a timeless treasure. A marvelous adventure of seduction and adornment that lives beyond fashion. It becomes… Objet D’Art.


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