The Couture & Courier: Aramex at Arab Fashion Week 

Since day one, we at Aramex have been partnering with pioneers of the fashion industry to bring their masterpieces to the masses, and take pride in the role we have played in the development of the UAE’s fashion industry into the powerhouse it is today.  


As the Official Logistics Partner to Arab Fashion Week, we will be there every step of the way to help usher the world into a new era of women’s fashion. With more than 80 designers showcasing their unique collections there truly will be something for everyone – from the exciting debut of fresh-faced newcomers, to the seasonal anticipation that comes with waiting to see the latest from the world’s most noteworthy creators. 


But, of course, these creatives just can’t run the show alone. Teams of professionals across all manner of industries work together to make sure when the music starts and the footlights come on, the world gets to see this season’s material-based works of art float down the runway without a hitch. One of the most underrecognized cogs in the backstage mechanisms that keeps the fashion industry’s shiny machine running smoothly is the expertise provided by logistics specialists. And that’s where we come in.  

Aerial view of empty highway interchange in Dubai downtown after epidemic lockdown. Cityscapes with disappearing traffic on a bridge and streets. Roads and lanes crossroads without cars, Dubai, United

In the 40 years since Aramex made its start on the global market, we’ve built up a reliable presence in more than 65 different countries and 600 cities. Notably, in that time we founded the Global Distribution Alliance and co-founded the World Freight Alliance. We also became the first Arab-based company in the world to trade on the Nasdaq Stock Market and the first to publish a sustainability report in the region – so, clearly we know a little something about trendsetting. 


This year our history of dedication to the global fashion industry will culminate in our partnership with Arab Fashion Week 2021. We can all look forward to seeing a range of couture throughout the event, diverse in culture as well as style, much like the designers themselves. From the 22 Middle-Eastern countries represented by the Arab Fashion Council, to the world-famous fashion capitals of Europe and North America, we’ll be travelling both near and far to collect and deliver all the clothing to be showcased in the event. 


And if you couldn’t get enough of us behind the scenes, we’ll be taking centre stage with a number of pieces exclusively designed by Maha Ahmed, founder and creative director of Dubai-based fashion brand, Autonomie. The capsule collection – created entirely out of Aramex packaging to showcase not only our style, but our sustainability – will be modelled on the runway during the course of the week. Freight really has never been so fashionable! 

View of the Roman Theater in Amman, Jordan

With all the big responsibilities we have lined up, you’d be forgiven for thinking that’s where the fun ends – but our slogan isn’t “Delivery Unlimited” for nothing.


We will also be hosting an outdoor activation event where anyone will be welcome to come view a fashionably redesigned Aramex van as it completes a delivery of truly gravity-defying packages. The vehicle – which is really a gorgeous and somewhat mind-boggling art installation – will stand in the heart of the Dubai Design District for 10 days, seeing the totality of Arab Fashion Week and then some. In its time there, the sculpture will serve as both a work of art and one of the many convenient Aramex drop-off and pick-up points you can find. This point makes for an easy solution for anyone looking to make their parcel a world traveler; all they need to do is drop their packages into the van – and we’ll get them there unfashionably early.