The Dubai-based celebrity designer Gulnora Mukhedinova, creative director of Baravia, showcased a new update to her brand at this season’s Arab Fashion Week. After 4 years of mastering couture and building up the Baravia atelier with master cutters and high skilled tailors, Baravia announces that after this collection people will see a new line of the brand with different levels of creativity. As a result, the brand will be relaunching with the new rebranding of the future of Baravia.

“This collection is called “Level Up” and the inspiration was taken from the archives of the old Baravia collections to recap from where we have started and that those designs lead us to where we are today”, said Gulnora. As the brand has presented high-end garments to royalties and celebrities for years, the decision was made to launch Baravia’s new line for ready-to-wear clothing. That decision came to give everyone a chance to wear our designs and creations for reasonable prices. The brand also announced the launch of its own line of accessories with the aim to reach a wider audience globally. Baravia believes in making each woman elegant, stylish, and powerful.