Sara Al Twaim

“Bloom” is the Fall-Winter 2022/23 collection released by Sara Altwaim. The collection is inspired by the 18th-century artist Walter Crane. Crane was known for drawing children’s stories. All the dresses are inspired by his art, where Sara used printed fabrics from Walter’s Art; even the colors are inspired by the 18th century period, blending Nude with spring colors.

Upon reviewing Sara’s most recent collection, it’s clear to see how she incorporated the beautiful traditional embroidery and lace fabric with modern cuts and trending details. The long flowing dresses, with off-the-shoulder style, are fetching. In addition, the fringe details on the dresses mixed with sheer fabric are simply irresistible.
Romantic florals were featured on flowy silhouettes with a distinct bralette overlay. A sparkling gold long-sleeved gown with onomatopoeia phrases printed on the bust was an exquisitely quirky addition. Finally, the banner style detail on one sheer A-line black dress was unconventionally chic and fun.
For a ready-to-wear collection, Sara certainly gave a plethora of casual, formal garments options. Asymmetrical gowns sported lace fitted structures and were styled with blazers over a white button-down. It’s classic in design but styled modernly. Most notable are the sheer neutral-colored dress designs with conversational prints. That neutral fabric is very alluring, especially when cropped. The harness belt accessory was an elegant one to utilize. Sara has a unique way of transforming trends into living iconic pieces.
Her black high-low skirt, side bustles, and a flowing train are too lux for words. The off-the-shoulder peasant top gowns were a perfect touch for the’ gentle lady’ styles. Another phenomenal gown had to flow scalloped hems, with black bows throughout. There’s an extreme princess-like stature in many of the looks.
Corsets continued to be a trend that has surpassed many seasons. The off-the-shoulder lace mermaid flounce gown with a structured corset overlay will be seen on a red carpet this season.
Dainty florals on silken light blue fabrics work well on the various peplum style silhouettes. A very exciting color that appeared was sunflower yellow, which was also fashioned into gentry-styled dresses with eyelet lace fabric. Sara Altwaim’s collection was truly amazing. It invokes emotions that align with love and grace.