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Vro Pardo
Vro Pardo Resort 2020 Collection Arab Fashion Week in Dubai
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VRO Culinary Apparel

Vro Pardo is a line of Culinary Apparel, customer service, and a pioneer in its field in Paraguay. We have been in business for the past six years and are committed to the highest standards of business ethics and customer service, acting at all times with social responsibility, providing high quality, competitiveness, and innovation in all our products, in order to provide our clients with excellent service.

Our clients include celebrity chefs and fine dining restaurants, such as Veranda Hotel Yacht & Golf Club, Hotel Las Margaritas, Alta Gracia Hotel, La Posta, Crowne Hotel, Unpar SA, Sheraton Hotel, Aloft Hotel, Hotel Guaraní, Kure Dumas Restaurant, Rodeo Grill Restaurant, Marambaia Hotel, among others. We have developed our products with the client in mind, according to the needs of the staff and their work environment. This is what our brand is all about, unique and one-of-a-kind designs that satisfy different tastes, giving them the attention, acknowledgement and distinction they deserve.

VRO makes one-of-a-kind aprons for supermarket and grocery store chains, as well as for the Unpar SA company, a representative of Bunge in Paraguay (a supplier of agricultural commodities). Our company has designed uniforms for the production line for supermarket and grocery store chains, bakeries, pastry shops that are looking to stand out of the crowd by following international standards. For instance, we designed chef coats without buttons (a unique design in Paraguay) for McDonald’s, and shirts for the world-renown BURGER KING chain.

Since 2009, VRO has participated in the Asunción Fashion Week (AFW), in visits from chefs and high-calibre companies from different countries, as well as being part of the PURE LONDON 34 tradeshow that took place in London back in August of 2013. In January of 2014, VRO Pardo Culinary Apparel was declared National Turistic Interest by a decree issued by SENATUR.

La licenciada Verónica Pardo was the only finalist from Paraguay in the Innovators of America competition, held in Medellin, Colombia in August of 2014. She won the design award for her traditional, indigenous Paraguayan embroidered appliqués and incorporates them into the designs, by sewing them into her Culinary apparel pieces. She was also nominated to the category of “Innovative Brand of the Year” at the 2014 AGUJA Awards.