BLSSD was established in 2015 by Lama Riachi, a cancer survivor herself that saw an opportunity in creating a fashion label that went beyond distinctive aesthetics and a brand image, to connect the consumers with a lifestyle of Gratitude and give back to the community by supporting cancer patients. The core value of BLSSD, in every aspect of the brand, is that of fierce gratitude. A positioning of urban, trend-relevant ready-to-wear infused with gratitude is expressed through the trademarked ‘PRET A GRATITUDE’ statement. This contributed to helping BLSSD cement its point of view as an urban label with a soulful take, and striving to make fashion that matters. Today BLSSD is the only non-profit social enterprise fashion brand in the region dedicated to helping individuals whose lives have been touched by cancer.

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A fashion+purpose driven label that blends clean design aesthetics and effortless quirk with a large dollop of urban sensibility. Careful cuts, elegant lines, and confident minimalism. The BLSSD Limited Edition collections feature statement-making silhouettes, unexpected details and a focus on being comfortable but still oh-so-chic.