Sandro Barros

Sandro Barros


SANDRO BARROS – Autumn-Winter 2021/22

The Brazilian designer Sandro Barros in his Autumn-Winter 2021/22 pays tribute to Wong Kar-Wai. Sandro Barros looked at the influence of Chinese culture in Hollywood films of the 1930s for his collection of Haute Couture dresses.


The aesthetics of filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai in the film “In The Mood For Love” and the costumes of Marlene Dietrich in the classic ‘Shanghai Express’ and actress Anna May Wong, the first descendant of Asians to be successful in American movies, served as inspiration for hand-embroidered dresses. “Anna May Wong overcame racism in Hollywood and stood out for her talent. Before her, the directors used to cast white actresses who imitated the Chinese, so she really was a pioneer, in addition to having a very glamorous behavior in real life”, says Sandro.


The collection features 30 exclusive dresses made with classic fabrics and traditional French haute couture techniques, many embroidered with silk thread, fringes, and embroidered with mixtures of Swarovski crystals and colored glassware created from porcelain designs, carpets, and walls of Chinese palaces. The color contrasts are quite pronounced: navy blue with beige, cherry with gold, nude with orange, caramel with pink and green. The silhouette is very languid, in column dresses in a bias like the 1930s.


The highlight for the short bolero with a high collar and richly structured, embroidered with aquamarine, silver, and turquoise crystals with chrysanthemum designs, and that is combined with sky-blue silk crepe pantaloons. The photos and film of the campaign were taken by the photographer and director Peu Campos in a cinematic atmosphere, narrating a love story spiced with the five Chinese perfumes, whiskey, and aromas of jasmine, cinnamon, and pepper.



The biggest reference in Brazilian fashion party, Sandro Barros was, for 10 years, the stylist of Daslu Couture and in 2012 opened his own brand, Atelier Sandro Barros, in a big house in the heart of São Paulo.

Iconic brides, international stars, and a plethora of women of all generations have passed through there in search of the perfect outfit to pack their dreams, on more than special occasions. They are embroidered executed in unique and specialized techniques, fully handmade lace, high-quality fabrics that come to life in feminine shapes, and creations of high craftsmanship expertise.

His collections, with themes always long-awaited, reflect the nomadic and artistic nature of the stylist, visiting operas, exotic destinations, art collections, the passion for porcelain, music, and history.