Rabih Rowell is one of the youngest creative directors/ stylists in the Arab region.  

Born and raised in Lebanon, Rabih moved to Dubai in 2018, and the age of 18, after studying one year of medicine in Beirut, and later on launched his own clothing line, late 2019, called “Anomalous” which is derived from “Anomalous Monism”, which is a theory that describes dualism in the philosophy of mind – the state of being divided, with a vision of unifying day wear and night wear, men’s and women’s, wearable and unwearable, which made his brand name apprent in his designs, with the duality and versatility present in every piece. 

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On the other hand, Rabih has directed fashion films, music videos and global campaigns, his latest is “So Scandal” for Jean Paul GAULTIER, alongside his muse, Layla Kardan. 

At the age of 21, Rowell is already in the center of the fashion industry, and made an image and a name for himself, which gave him exposure and recognition with local and international press. 

His confidence, enthusiasm, PR skills and vision made him stand out in the creative industry.