Michael Cinco

His clothing sports Swarovski crystals on high-quality textiles. Who could forget his trailblazing show, The Impalpable Dream of SWAN LAKE in Manila, Philippines? He incorporated Ballet Philippines to showcase his immaculate wear. He has been on shows like Top Model and was the first Filipino designer to display a solo fashion exhibition at the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia. He is certainly one to watch at Arab Fashion Week.
Michael’s Fall-Winter 2022/23 collection is sensational. The theatrical beginning and ending were unforgettable. The white couture gowns, suits, and outerwear were utterly fabulous from the start. His collection had every trend in silhouette and trim. Each look had a sort of ‘eternal’ feel. There was a futuristic element like the cocktail A-line dress with 3D detail and a cropped blazer. The white menswear blazer and trouser sets were sleek. The wide-leg pant was a nice transition from the tapered trouser styles.
The bodycon dress with ruffled-flounce sleeves featured floral bejeweled design elements. Two-piece dress sets with bralettes were fashioned impeccably, with elbow-length gloves and a sweet white clutch purse. His take on the collard dress was cool, with bell-sleeves and a fanned beaded design on the front. The men’s utility-style jacket in all white is bold, with silver fabric placement and epaulets on the shoulder. The metallic silver leaf-like patterns on the dresses were Michael’s tribute to Fall. The same foliage style could be seen in his form of flattering floor-length gowns. The craftsmanship that went into the details of the adorned sheer fabric was breathtaking. The flounced fabric on the shoulders of the gowns and the waist is also impressive.
Another element that made Michael’s collection so current is his choice of models. There’s a variety in age, gender, and size. The most modern approach to fashion now is inclusiveness. As the collection went on, a very artistic avant-garde blazer was shown. The face and tassels on the men’s blazer were innovative, and the stencil-drawn floral pattern on the strapless floor-length gowns. The use of gold and silver fabric was goddess-like.
The blue and green gowns were fanciful and had a tie-dyed look. In addition, the swirls and style of the art gave the dresses a pleasant illusion aesthetic. Micheal Cinco’s collection for Fall-Winter 2022/23 is a masterpiece in every way.