Dreaming Big’ is the quote that sparked her ultra-feminine and classic designs. Maram’s signature style lives up to every raving review. Her place in Haute Couture fashion is cemented due to her background in retail. Learning design through actual work experience proved to be a valuable part of her creative pursuits. She gained the opportunity to collaborate with other brand labels. Maram is a veteran and key industry alum in Egypt’s couture fashion scene.

Maram launched her couture collection in 2017, but her label ‘Maram’ features a wide array of her couture designs. A key element of her brand is the underlining tribute to her love for travel. Maram uses fashion as a medium to translate her fond experiences. In each fine detail of her lovely collection, she captures an undeniable spirit of nature. Delicate lines and soft embroidered details are consistent in each garment she produces. Neutral color palettes and elegant fabrics make her designs regal. With a specialty in wedding gowns, it’s no wonder her work is synonymous with love and life. Arab Fashion Week eagerly anticipates what she has in store.

Her collection for Fall-Winter 2022/23 has a clean aesthetic. It features classical silhouettes with high-quality textiles. The details are not overbearing and appeal to the individual who appreciates a subtle yet impactful elegant appearance.

Maram Borhan’s collection is a breathtaking display of delectable fantasy. Each gown had a spirit in design. Pieces constructed with large eyelet white lace, and soft silken fabrics, filled the runway with inspiration and light. Subtle hues of pink, silver, lavender, and blue contrasted with bold fuchsia and electric blue tones. The sleeveless gowns had texture on the bodice, with impeccable floral details. The two-piece dress sets were youthful and resonated with the most prominent and impactful millennial clientele. The conservative styles featured shawls and shoulder coverings either in matching fabric or glittering beaded sequin elements. Layered gowns with lush volumes captivated the runways, while pieces such as the ombré treated fuchsia and black gown held the attention of Fashion Week’s most dedicated Haute Couture enthusiast.

Maram Borhan’s Fall-Winter 2022/23 collection has such a wide range for all women at any stage in life. The show-closing wedding gowns were even more awe-inspiring. The fitted mermaid silhouette dress covered in tiny beads, and the full flounced layered gown was literally out of a beautiful dream. The collection was absolutely unforgettable.