The luxury Swiss privacy bag label, FERRONATO, is named the official bag partner of Arab Fashion Week to advance the future of fashion tech.

The Meta Fabric patented by FERRONATO is a message of how Fashion and Technology can enhance human rights.

The luxury Swiss label FERRONATO, known for its patented Metalized Fabric to protect the consumer’s privacy, has signed with the Arab Fashion Council a long-term partnership to position the brand as the Arab Fashion Week’s official bag partner.  FERRONATO is a unique luxury brand. Embedded within every bag is a Metalized Fabric that blocks all electromagnetic signals to protect the user’s privacy. In addition, the Fashion-tech bag protects all the data stored on devices and credit cards so that hackers won’t be able to access the devices. FERRONATO is a brand with a purpose. The luxury bag is not meant to be only another accessory but employs technology to better our lives by protecting our privacy. When you bear the FERRONATO mark, you signal your commitment to secure your unique identity and priceless privacy. You join an exclusive movement designed to empower individuality through innovative technology and timeless craftsmanship.

“We have always been acknowledged for our focus on innovation, and these new personal lifestyle accessories are another milestone in our journey,” said Sandro Ferronato, Chairman, FERRONATO Switzerland.With over 100 years of industrial experience and more than 40 years of knowledge in Metalized fabric technology, FERRONATO has created a brand of high-end luxury bags with this unique technology embedded.With a fast-expanding lineup that includes handbags, wallets, phone pouches, laptop pouches, briefcases, and backpacks, the Arab Fashion Council has vaulted the brand onto its premier catwalks. It will continue increasing the brand’s visibility throughout the region and beyond.


On occasion, the Luxury Bag label, FERRONATO has collaborated with the renowned celebrity Dubai-based couturier Michael Cinco during the Arab Fashion Week, Couture SS22, which featured a wide range of futuristic bags on the runway.  “Following the Post-Covid era and as the world is shifting slowly toward the metaverse reality, we are also committed to highlighting how fashion and technology can enhance our human right to privacy. FERRONATO patented innovation is a step ahead of the game, and we hope the partnership will accelerate our regional talent’s creative and futuristic thinking through many planned collaborations between the luxury label and our designers.” Said Mohammed Aqra, Chief Strategy Officer of Arab Fashion Council.