“We need humanity, more than cleverness… life will be violent, and all will be lost” read the screen at Emergency Room’s “Borderline” show. With a name that stems from the belief that the world needs to drastically change its wasteful ways, the Beirut-based sustainable and ethically focused brand portrayed a united world where flags are obsolete. On the runway, a series of white pieces, hand printed with various visa stamps represented the different countries designer Eric Mathieu Ritter and his team have visited. Elsewhere, the collection focused on pairing up-cycled denim with white cotton and mish mashing sports jerseys, knitted sports scarves and polyester flags, to usher in the upcoming World Cup.


Local plant-based, tie dye batik methods from Lebanon were very much at the heart of Beirut-based brand Emergency Room’s eco-conscious spring summer 2022 collection. Who knew a fashion-forward label with a club vibe can be good for the planet too? An array that ranged from dystopian black micro numbers for women to bohemian knit cardigans for men and to tropical bowling shirts, it’s hard to believe the label finds all the building blocks it already needs in second hand markets. Yet they are still able to tell a fluid story about an empowered generation that abides not by societal norms. One of the most ethically spirited brands on the roster, it’s no wonder they teamed with logistics company Aramex for the release of sustainable collection that will be showcased in October.