Weinsanto is a luxury ready-to-wear and haute-couture brand launched by Victor Weinsanto in September 2020.

The dramatic nature of Weinsanto’s designs immediately attracted the attention of a demanding fashion audience. Grotesque, quirkiness and eccentricity combine with the luxury and sophistication of haute couture. The collections of the young Parisian brand dedicate themselves to an uncompromising aesthetic with many seductive visual codes.

During his first show «Connes-sur-Mer» , the designer was spotted by Adrian Joffe, CEO of Comme des Garçons, who decided to support the brand by offering it’s DOVER STREET MARKET SHOWROOM in Paris.

Today, Weinsanto counts numerous well-known fans, among which Beyonce, Madonna and the costume designers from «Emily in Paris” TV show in which numerous creations were features. You can find Weinsanto pieces in numerous stores, in particulier Selfridges and Dover Street Market stores around the world. Weinsanto has been features in Vogue, W Magazine, WWD and other publications.

92 Bd de Magenta, 75010 Paris, France


Weinsento’s thought-provoking pieces reflected his unique perspective on both art and life. With a carefully curated colour palette consisting of camel, white, beige, and occasional hints of black, deep green, or raspberry, the collection conveyed a sense of melancholic drama inspired by the concept of “A Perfect Day.” The models graced the runway in an array of silhouettes, wearing slingback and platform heels, while showcasing elegant ensembles in nude colours, chic black and white outfits reminiscent of cowboy-style skirts, and city shorts paired with crisp white shirts adorned with ties. The evening looks elevated in sophistication, featuring a selection of bustier corset tops paired with oversized pants, some of which were uniquely corseted at the hips. Not to forget the reimagined wedding dress made of distressed denim, embroidered lace with scalloped edges. The couture collection masterfully translated the designer’s perspective into a striking “vase dress,” constructed as a full-body corset adorned with crin fabric and interspersed with pot-pourri petals, embodying the essence of Weinsanto’s artistic vision.

WEINSANTO - rtw aw23/24

After showcasing for 5 seasons in Dubai as part of the collaboration between the Arab Fashion Council and the Federation de La Haute Couture et de la Mode, the French designer, Victor Weinsanto, has become one of the DFW members part of the designers committee. His collection exhibited surrealism of his proportions in every design. Mega cape, massive halo hat, deconstructed trench coats, bugle beads, chains, plastic shards, and metal blotches communicated a sense of fantasy in all the pieces created. The designer also gave us aged denim parkas, blotchy abstract print stretch cocktails and sassy corsets made of velour.


Presented by La Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, Victor Weinsanto, a former ballet student who cut his teeth at Jean Paul Gaultier, amped up the couture fall winter season here with an edgy injection of streetwear meets punk. Asymmetrical lacing, studs, nets, and chains characterized the designer’s Dubai debut that culminated in an all-black, red carpet look and a theatrical white headpiece reminiscent of the punk rock music scene.


This Fashion Week 2022 is set to be stellar. The talent is phenomenal and speaking of a phenom; we have Victor Weinsanto. This 26-year-old fashion sensation has already made rave reviews in the industry. Heavy fashion legends, such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, have high regard for him. He attended Victor Weinsanto’s inaugural fashion presentation in March of 2020. His energetic vibe and fresh designs have all but wowed the hungry and eager fashion-savvy individuals of today. His Fall/Winter 2022 collection is simply magnificent. Let’s begin with the corset two-piece. Faces transformed into hypnotic patterns were printed all over the set and in gorgeous arrays of purple hues. The same print was also on jumpsuits and various blouses in the collection. The cohesiveness of the collection is impressive. Everything was consistent with Victor’s theme. The black dresses are ‘sheer’ fantasy; literally. The transparent fabric was nicely contrasted with plush layered black shaggy fabric. Fuchsia pink is a popular color for the season. Victor’s creative overlapping gown with haphazardly buttoned details is very futuristic and bold. The quilted fabric theme was also present in this collection; transformed into pants, and outerwear. The sphere-like bag accessories gave each item it was style with a dazzling effect. The denim pieces with the sewn-in chaps are also creative. Standout looks include the oversized black strategically bunched jacket and the Shaggy textured fabric with voluminous effect. Victor Weinsanto’s Fall/Winter collection is diverse in style and high-end