Death by Dolls releases the rebel within. Each eclectic and 80’s inspired piece is ready to hit to runway and with monumental effect. Their fashion isn’t for the faint of heart. Sara Al-Saud is a Saudi Arabian fashion designer, but born and raised in London. She was inspired by her grandmother growing up. Her style was very avant-garde, with couture dresses, furs, jewels, blond hair, and brilliant red lips. With such a glamorous role model; it’s no wonder Sara’s collection has so much vibrancy.


Sara’s brand; Death by Dolls is meant to be worn by empowered women. Her travels throughout France and Spain also helped her develop her unique street style and retro European aesthetic. Her line consists of metallic, patent leather, denim, tassel, and fur finished textiles. Sara and her sister created Death By Dolls, which is set to premier at Arabic Fashion week. Their electric and fun collection is sure to be the talk of Fashion Week.

 Layering is a staple trend for Fall-Winter 2022/23. Death by Dolls as a brand is most definitely hip and on trends. The sparkling skirt overlay on a two-piece pinstriped button down shorts set is low-key cool. Lots of emphasis was put on bust details and vertical silver raised details. The model in this style is also wearing a fur trimmed denim overcoat. Speaking of trim; the fleece lined coat set with tie-dye treatment was styled well over the front slit denim, with silver bows, and white crop top. Denim weights are worth mentioning in this collection too; halter tie-dye sundresses with spaghetti strap details are super sleek.

Models were scantily clad, wearing eclectic sheer pieces with quirky iconic details. Sparkles make anything shine, and in any form. That chic black spaghetti strap mini dresses, with the large adorned diamonds is a nice change to the ever present sequin sparkle. The bustier mini-dress with rushed details, glittering verbiage, and comfortable knit jumper blouse, was iconic. That’s one detail to love about Fall ready-to-wear; the ‘flashy’ textile usage. The outfitted model wearing a sparkling blazer over an ankle length see-through dress, showed the versatility of Sara’s two-piece short set underneath it all. The same see-through sparkling mesh style can be seen in the collection with a thick blue fur trim, and over a bikini. Bold and daring are the most expressive works that describe Sara’s collection. All the styles are impeccable. Death by Dolls is fierce with unapologetic style.


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