Sophia Nubes from Italy

Wednesday, 24th April 2019 

8:00 PM
Sophia Nubes - Arab Fashion Week

It is our inner nature just like our special way of cooking bequeathed by our mums and grannies. We feel the difference from what is good and tasty to what is bad and too rich instead. That’s exactly the way it is and we know it even without thinking twice about that.

It is inside our blood and part of our DNA.

It is the silent knowledge of the well-known “Made in Italy” which cannot be taught and nobody will be ever able to copy. There is nothing in between – either you know it or you do not.

Day after day we create working hard but full of passion.

We create ready-to-wear and gorgeous items.

Our fashion is inspired by an all-wanted style to feel yourself alive and charming. A very good start in the morning is just an easy-wearing suite which really makes your day!

The pure and authentic beauty is the result of Sophia Nubes’ style – a real moment of our integrity.

We will tell everything about it – who is working, who is creating…


Instagram: @sophia_nubes


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