The Turkish label Ezra Tuba which is also a member of the Arab Fashion Week has since the beginning of the pandemic transformed its mission into finding solutions through fashion technology. Ezra Tuba presented on the official Arab Fashion Calendar a collection titled “Welcome to the 2999” which is a futuristic fashion film illustrating the sustainable hi-tech direction of the brand.


Ezra Tuba has utilized the Grafen Denim which they have developed in collaboration with Orta Anadolu Denim for the main pieces of their Autumn Winter 2021/22 Collection. The Graphene Denim provides for conductivity which in turn makes electricity generation possible. The denim fabric can also be used to create phone screens in the sleeves of costumes. Graphene Fabric is 99% efficient in providing active protection against viruses. With the hi-tech and sustainable fabric which the brand Ezra Tuba is using in their AW21/22 collection, the brand is sending out the message that it is high times efforts to render our Mother Earth a livable planet. The designers declared that they will act responsibly as they steer their brand from the present into the future.


Ezra tuba has completely overhauled their working environment and the processes and materials they incorporate in their products as well the working conditions for their employees to comply with the principles of sustainability for a livable future world. The designers have started to use artificial leather made of apple pulp and cotton produced by sustainable bio-dynamic agriculture. Designers Ezra tuba has also utilized Graphene Conductive Denim which is easily biodegradable in nature.


If you, too are imagining such a world, then come on, let’s join our efforts. Graphene is the new “wonder material” of the new world. Along with having lightweight and amazing thermal and electrical conducting properties, graphene is the strongest, thinnest, and one of the most flexible materials in the textile industry … Graphene is derived from carbon, which is sliced into tranches.

Ezra Tuba fashion show, Arab Fashion Week collection Spring Summer 2020 in Dubai
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EZRATUBA was founded on 27th October 2006 a designer brand accompanied by the awareness of a multinational brand for women.

They work; Victoria Secret, Levis, Ayyıldız, NicNora, Koton, ItalTeks. London & Milano Fashion Consultant Agency.

ezra+tuba officially took its place in “Paris Fashion Week” in 2009/2012 not only as a Turkish designer brand but also as a world brand in the garment industry and couture in terms of position.

It is a brand addressing to A and B+ segments. “ezratuba” is also one of the rare designer brands who leap forward across the world in nano-technologies and wearable technologies. Wearable technology designs created together with US Intel made a tremendous impact throughout the world and it became the face of advertising campaigns for the 2016 Intel world launch.