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What is the difference between Arab Fashion Week and Dubai Fashion Week?

Arab Fashion Week is the official fashion week organised and the only one recognised by the Arab Fashion Council which is held in Dubai, twice annually, to promote respectively the Ready-Couture collection for Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter. Dubai Fashion Week was organised previously by a private company not related to the Arab Fashion Council. The last Dubai Fashion Week has ended on 2011.

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What is the Arab Fashion Council?

The Arab Fashion Council is the world’s largest non-profit fashion council, ARAB FASHION COUNCIL, founded in London under the companies acts 2006, incorporation number 09227268 with the activity of an extraterritorial international authority for the Arab countries members of the Arab League.

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Could foreign designers participate at the Arab Fashion Week?

The Arab Fashion Week, Dubai admits to its platform not only local Arab designers but also international brands from all over the world. The selection of designers is not based on nationality but on the typology of product which should fit the ‘Ready-Couture’ standards.

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Could Menswear designers participate at the Arab Fashion Week?

The answer is yes. Starting from October 2016, the Arab Fashion Council will open the doors to the Menswear designers. On the 7th of October 2016, the Arab Fashion Council hosted under the same umbrella as the Arab Fashion Week the menswear collection.

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Could a new talent participate at the Arab Fashion Week?

If an applicant has no more than 3 years of experience of the business, should contact directly the Arab Fashion Council for approval prior to submitting the application. Then the application is evaluated case by case.

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Is there a fee to attend the Arab Fashion Week?

The Arab Fashion Council doesn’t sell any tickets to attend the Arab Fashion Week.

If at any time the Arab Fashion Council would sell tickets, then it will be available on our website or through authorised partners.

If any individual or unauthorised third party offers you to buy a ticket, please be aware that it could be a scam and we don’t hold any liability of not admitting you at the entrance or refunding your money.  If you ever experience anything like that please contact us immediately by clicking here.

Who can attend the Arab Fashion Week?

The Arab Fashion Week is an industry professional event which is not open for the public. Only invited people or registered guests can attend.

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