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What is the difference between Arab Fashion Week and Dubai Fashion Week?

The Arab Fashion Week is the only official fashion week in the MENA region which is endorsed by the Arab Fashion Council and recognised on the international fashion weeks calendar. The Arab Fashion Week is considered as one of the world’s five most important fashion events; alongside, New York, London, Milan and Paris. 

There are so many events that are hosted in Dubai; however, the Arab Fashion Council endorses only the Arab Fashion Week. 

There is no event names “Dubai Fashion Week”, it used to exist before 2011 and is not related by any mean to the Arab Fashion Council. For more information about the Arab Fashion Week please click here.

What is the Arab Fashion Council?

The Arab Fashion Council is the world’s largest fashion council, founder in London as Non-Profit Extraterritorial Authority to represent the 22 Arab Countries members of the Arab League. For more information on the Arab Fashion Council please click here.

Could foreign designers participate at the Arab Fashion Week?

The Arab Fashion Week admits to its calendar not only Arab Designers but any qualified brand could showcase on the official calendar during Arab Fashion Week. Click here to apply.

Could Menswear designers participate at the Arab Fashion Week?

Since October 2016, the Arab Fashion Council has made it possible to Menswear designers to showcase during the Arab Fashion Week. To apply as a designer please click here.

Could a new talent participate at the Arab Fashion Week?

If a designer is in business since less than 3 years, please click here to contact the Designer Relations Department

Is there a fee to attend the Arab Fashion Week?

The Arab Fashion Council doesn’t sell any tickets to attend the Arab Fashion Week.

If at any time the Arab Fashion Council would sell tickets, then it will be available on our website or through authorised partners.

If any individual or unauthorised third party offers you to buy a ticket, please be aware that it could be a scam and we don’t hold any liability of not admitting you at the entrance or refunding your money.  If you ever experience anything like that please contact us immediately by clicking here.

Who can attend the Arab Fashion Week?

The Arab Fashion Week is an industry professional event which is not open for the public. Only invited people or registered guests can attend.

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