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Shirley Wong was graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Fashion Design.

She worked as a costume designer in Television Broadcasts Limited and also took part in costume design in some movies. Her collection “Nowhere women: Nowhere fashion” was nominated in YDC2014.

She also won the 2nd runner-up in Hong Kong Fur Design Competition2009.

FromClothingOf is founded in 2015 with the aim of breaking away from conventional ideas about women’s fashion and aesthetics. The name “FromClothingOf” comes from “Exlibris”, meaning “from library of”, i.e. my book.

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This refers to women claiming the right to how they dress. While minimalist and monotone at first glance, the pieces are meticulously tailored and structured, characterised by layering and fine details that posess a powerful yet feminine style.

Women Who Wear FromClothingOf

Strong, independent and love life; Intellectual and longing for spiritual freedom; Pursue a high quality of life but want to be a unique one; They don’t follow fashion trend, they just believe in their style; They think the beauty of women is defined by themselves.