This brand stands out for ingenuity and classic Algerian design. The Ilyes Ouali brand is also known for its signature piping and rope details. Their modern style aesthetic is modest and in high demand. They are a contemporary brand with loads of appeal. Throughout 2017, Ilyes worked diligently to craft a unique method of cord style to incorporate into the collection. At the heart of Ilyes Ouali clothing lies diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability.


It’s no wonder Ilyes’s line is so successful. It’s won a slew of fashion competitions, such as Fashion star AR 2019. Ilyes was also a finalist in the FTA 2020 evening wear category. Vogue Fashion Prize. Ilyes Ouali is sure to have a memorable fashion presentation this Arab Fashion Week.

Ilyes Ouali is very imaginative. The fabrics are very lightweight, if not transparent. With intricately placed sparkling rope-like detail, the calf-length dress was enchanting and formal. The contrasting grey and lime green color made the Fall-Winter 2022/23 collection visually balanced. Exaggerated lengths were present in the collection and styled with an extra-long sleeved white blouse. The sweet lime green micro skirt was very sleek. A bodysuit in the same bold lime green color was featured, with creative cutouts on the busts.

Cropped blazers were constantly featured during Fashion Week. Ilyes Ouali’s version came in a purple shade, with curved pockets and a zipper closer. The matching pants-like leggings were a nice touch to the already chic styling. Another bodycon dress followed and also had a zip closer. The piping on the seems of the dress elevated its solid black tone.

Most of the styles were very current, including the gathered dress, with its rippling effect. Asymmetrical black tops, combined with culottes, were preppy and worked nicely in the collection. The fully tasseled black off-the-shoulder dress will fit perfectly for the fancier occasions of Fall. Every piece is gorgeous and lively. As the collection continued, we found more of the same creative rope-like designs on spaghetti tanks and a full white A-line tea-length dress. Ilyes Ouali’s collection is high-end yet approachable, with an ultra-cool modern aesthetic.


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