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Astareh (Najmeh) Asadi was born in 1988 in Iran. As a child she had the tendency for painting and shows interested in drawing surreal pictures and did this type of painting through the time of being as an adolescent. But early she started working as an interior designer without having any education, just in an experimental mood and she had done several successful projects in this fields.

In 2014, she opened a show room in Tehran, Iran which consisted the high fashion products of famous brands and as a retailer she gained the experiences in the area of sales and distribution that helped her for in starting her own label and on that time she discovered her passion for designing the clothes which came out her mind. 

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In 2018 she found the time perfect fro starting her own career as fashion designer and established the label Joweh which means dress in Bakhtiari culture, Astareh’s origin comes from a rich and famous tribe in Iran with their own special cultural spot that influences so much the creative director of Joweh for her each collection that she has done. But particularly every collection that Astareh has created, consists its own conceptual and technical process.

The process of creation of the collections is followed by the designer’s brand personality which talks about feminine strength, conceptual ideas, architectural fashion and also is associated to the designer’s Persian origin. The costumers of joweh from the beginning till now are rich and strong women who are attracted to present their beauty in contemporary

And high qualified looks that have a touch of unique concepts. Another important point to be mentioned is that the outfits even in undefined shapes and silhouettes are designed completely wearable and has the theme of timeless elegance which means that you an what the dresses every moment and would be matched with variety of accessories.

And as you know one of important parts of fashion is related to the best selling trends and in Joweh the construction of products are coordinated with the current trends almost in every single piece of products.