Julie Prevost

julie prÉvost

Berlin and Paris-based designer Julie Prévost grew up and studied fashion design in Berlin. After few years working in the fashion industry, she has now launched JLäME. A label offering limited editions of handmade tailored clothing for women, JLäME comes as a result of many artistic and cultural influences inviting you to be part of her creative journey with a sustainable approach to being aware of overconsumption and waste.


Sensorial universes through refined touch and colors come as a result of many artistic styles experiments: JLÄME comes to offer a unique experience to the creative universe of the designer, Julie Prevost. With a vision of dreams and beauty, the brand offers limited editions of handmade tailored clothing. And as in nature, in which every season gains new meanings with the colors and textures of the flowers, JLÄME invites you to think about the mutability of human nature, bringing an exceptional experience about oneself uniques. More than a beautiful craftsmanship piece, it is wearable art.

So, let yourself be seduced by this glomming and joyful experience of a new way to live fashion and self-expression.