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Krie Design Resort 2020 Collection Arab Fashion Week in Dubai
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about the brand

Krie is a well-established Croatian fashion brand, founded by Kristina Burja in 2008. Being actively represented on the Croatian market Krie is well-known for its unique design in combination with specific model cuts, special handmade applications and their details. In addition, it is also known for applying environmental responsible materials such as organic and recycled cotton, organic silk, and recycled polyester.

All clothing is manufactured in Croatia in a development-focused working environment that ensures a stable work-life balance for all employees. Krieg Design is one of Green Fashion Week’s designers who will be showcasing in Los Angeles and Las Vegas in spring 2017.The Green Fashion Week (GFW) is a non-profit event that purpose to promote the development of sustainable fashion by giving designers the opportunity to showcase their eco-collections. GFW is supported by GD MAJOR Entertainment in partnership with the FSA (Fashion Service Association) and patronized by the United Nations. Previously Krie Design also showcased at the Abu Dhabi Fashion Sustainability Experience and the Green Fashion Week Milan.

Krie is designed for individual styling preferences – a brand that fashion lovers from all around the world want to gain. The flexible apparel line is best for distinct needs, designs and individual preferences for different target groups. There is no age limit – equally desirable by teenagers, business women and ladies who age with style. The brand portfolio consist different items – stylish t-shirts, tunics, trousers, sweatshirts, dresses, skirts, jackets, coats, beach wear and accessories.The premium line is marked by designer denim, leather pieces and signature gowns. Krie is regularly featured in Croatian fashion editorials and worn on private- and red carpet events. Through the years Krie successfully collaborated with many international business partners on various promotions and limited edition collections. Some of them are P&G, DM and Philip Morris.

The Future

The brand carries a ready to wear and accessories line exclusively available at the flagship store in the city of Zagreb. Krie vision is to expand on regional and foreign markets as well as developing a men and children’s line.