Since 2011 LuLu Liu (Lulu Yilu) has been a constant figure in the fashion couture scene. She was born in Chengdu, China, and has been her design inspiration. Her numerous awards have been garnered through hard work and the pursuit of being the very best designer in her own right. LuLu has participated in virtually every high-end runway show since 2011. She won awards such as Fashion of the Future and British Future Map and was nominated for Best Bespoke Luxury Fashion Designer 2021. Collaborations with Swarovski and features in internationally known publications exemplify how enterprising she is. Her collections are known for their modern silhouettes, brilliant colors, and conservative artistic styles. Graduating from the esteemed London College of fashion, and specializing in Haute Couture Embroidery from Ecole Lesage Paris, has served her well, as her collection is greatly favored for Arabic Fashion Week.


Gathered ruffles with feathered details and sparkling elements were expressed delicately throughout the Lulu Yilu Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Patterns were also not the average flower-inspired print but likened to paint splashes. The opening couture piece featured a total volume coat-like shawl in a deep blue tone. However, there was tact in applying the paint to the satin fabric. Some strokes seemed heavier on one side and more gently blended on the other. The pink gown underneath was a great color that brought out the shawl’s details.

LuLu’s A-line dress showed how a garment piece could also share the traits of an accessory. The lovely rose color with gold beading gave the classic black dress a modern touch. The peplum style dresses also had traces of Spring’s most popular trends: ruffled sleeves and strapless design. Every item had an illuminating effect. The cocktail dresses also had unique placement of the ruffles, on the bust or around the waist. There is even a gown covered in white feathers. That could denote Spring’s most famous animal; the bird. 

Orange was another color also featured in LuLu Couture’s collection, with paint splashed in contrasting green shades. This particular gown had an exciting design. The cummerbund-like piece was layered on the bust and from the back, giving the dress a prominent structure.

The closing gown was immaculately poised, too, with various sized ruffles, gather-bunched fine cloth, and sheer black fabric. It was a full bloom in white, cream, and off-white. LuLu brought such a unique perspective to Haute Couture this Spring 2022. She is a hugely talented designer.


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