Maison Mada’en

Maison Mada'en

She is a Jordanian ready-to-wear and couture fashion designer. Born in London, and raised consecutively throughout Baghdad, Iraq, and Amman, Jordan, she is very culturally diverse. Upon receiving her degree in literature, she decided to pursue her passion by studying fashion at the London College of Fashion. In 2016 she started Maison MADA’EN.
Farah’s first show debuted in 2016 in London, England. It was an exclusive collection dedicated to women around the world. That was also the name of the collection. On an entertainment level, her pieces were a part of the Cannes Film festival and boasted handmade embroidery with over 10,000 crystals and pearls. Her creative styles have lush, layered, and delicate textiles. The designs are imaginative and enchanting. Farah’s workshop is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. What she has in store for Arab Fashion Week is sure to be a delight.

This Fall-Winter 2022/23 collection is arbitrary in a fun and exciting way. Every piece in the collection has a place in a woman’s everyday life. The soft cream gowns with that glowing peach hue are formal, including the cocktail dress, with its soft ruffled chiffon-tulle fabric. The fitted white jumpsuit is lovely and styled well with the matching ruffled fluffy blacktop. A gorgeous pop of color was the asymmetrical pantsuit in cobalt blue. The Strapless white swimsuit with its contrasting blue sarong is perfect for the poolside and simple to accessorize. A green romper was also present and with a lustrous glow. Pieces like that are a Fall must-have.
As if the pinstripe blazer-style swimsuit wasn’t cool enough, the bodysuits on the roller skating models completely stole the show. The one-piece jumpsuits are a favorite for the upcoming season due to their layerable wear.
Farah Bseiso brings remarkable energy to her runway shows. It continued with her silver stricken iridescent fitted cocktail dress. Each piece presented was dazzling on its own. The finale dress, a v-neck white gown with cascading ruffles made of tulle fabric, was absolutely beautiful. That dress is a bride’s dream come true. There were no patterns or prints, just simple, brilliant colors on alluring silhouettes. Farah Bseiso’s vision for Fall-Winter 2022/23 is dynamic and fun