Farah Bseiso a Jordanian Ready-Couture Fashion Designer born in London and raised between Baghdad, Iraq and Amman, Jordan. She studied English literature, then followed her passion and studied Fashion Design at the London College of Fashion. She draws inspiration from her travels and immersion in other cultures, which had a great influence on her vision for her brand. In 2016, Farah launched Maison MADAEN, which translates into Cities, Haute Couture and Pret a Porter designs that bring out elegance, femininity and sophistication to every woman. Her first fashion show debuted in London in 2016, with limited edition pieces from the collection “ Women around the world “ where she hand-painted portraits of women from Asia and the Middle East. In 2017, Farah Bseiso designs reached Cannes Film festival, where she created a masterpiece gown, in textile and handmade embroidery with more than 10000 pearls and crystals. Her creations use the finest fabrics and materials available, all contributing to the unique personal touch. Mada’en brand and workshop are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates