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Sara Altwaim
Sara Altwaim Resort 2020 Collection Arab Fashion Week in Dubai
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about the brand

Fashion Designer Sara Altwaim, born on 1983 in Jeddah, raised  from the family of art lovers and fully developed her love for every artistic matter with her mother during her young age after attending the College of arts and design in Jeddah, she had  an opportunity in teaching arts and developed her own unique style in fashion. She married to AFP OFFICER and blessed with three siblings, two boys, and one girl. In  2015, she launched her first collection and eventually introduced the Japanese blossom “ Sakura” a collection of delicate and feminine pieces made from organza and cotton in pink, followed with Kashka collection in 2016.

A year spent traveling around Asia, visiting factories in India, China and Korea laid the groundwork for her business. In  2017 she launched her Salam Collection which entirely a reflection of peace on earth, And opening her boutique in Al Basateen Jeddah District 3 and started out selling branded dresses, she later supplied some boutiques in Dubai and Riyadh and also sponsored some famous personalities to wear her owned design dresses in the entire the Middle East.

Her current collection titled The Vision by “Sara” was inspire by fields of wheat and tall grasses. She also invited to be a Speaker at the University of Jeddah and promote her brand and unique designs. The brand of Sara Altwaim is starting to trend in the fashion industry. More upcoming collection of elegant and classy designs are about to launch this coming April fashion show in Dubai.