Our house follows up on all other available opportunities for change. Firstly, we produce only two seasonal collections per year, in efforts to minimize environmental damage and following up, the mindless consumption of fast fashion products. Quality in both products and design making are very important to our brand, which makes our clothes durable through the years and durable from wear by the consumer. Moreover, every single one of our collections is locally produced hence supporting our local economy. From product and materials buying, to producing and then selling, TOMMAZO studio follows a ‘human first’ rule, making sure that we support local businesses and families by contributing and creating a healthy and fair working environment at all costs. We look forward to being able to do more in order to contribute to making the fashion industry a more ethical place for both the environment and the human beings involved. 



Tommazo is a fashion house based in Cyprus with a multidisciplinary approach, which emphasizes on individuality and uniqueness. Founder, designer and creative director Toumazos Charalamous aims to discover a pathway between personal inspirations and passions, which he then interprets through self-exploration and dedication.  

All collections are driven by conceptual background, with attention to innovative designs and details. Emphasis on tailoring and consciousness to detail and quality has been the brand’s main focus since day one. The collections feature a genderless approach and aesthetic. 

Sustainable Approach

Both as an individual and as a brand, I believe that sustainability in fashion is vital and the future of the fashion industry. I believe that now more than ever, the world is in urgent need of change, and that’s no different when it comes to the fashion industry; not just in fabric choices but in addressing the whole system of fashion with greater ecological integrity, social justice and ethical processes in all stages of the creative process both towards the environment and the human.  

TOMMAZO Studio is dedicated to making ethical choices and efforts towards all possible changes and sustainable innovations in hope for a better sustainable future of fashion. Unfortunately our fashion house does not use sustainable fabrics or materials, because of the fact that all fabrics are bought from local producers and retailers, and the choices available on the island of Cyprus are extremely limited to none. Nevertheless, we are currently in the process of switching into importing some of our materials and fabrics so that they can be replaced by environmentally friendly substitutes. We also try to make wise fabric choices in the sense that we try to buy as much quantity as we will use and we also tend to choose timeless pieces that can also be used in future collections so that way we minimize waste to a minimum.


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