A platform seeks to recover data and sends emails signed by the Arab Fashion Council or the Arab Fashion Week.
This is a fraudulent initiative,  make sure to pay attention to the entity of the email sent.

We invite you not to answer them and remind you that the site for official accreditations is as follows: https://arabfashionweek.org/designers-application/

All official information from the Council by email is sent via email addresses containing the domain name arabfashioncouncil.com

If you receive any doutbtful call or email please let us know by send an email to: designers@arabfashioncouncil.com

Do you have Concern?


The Arab Fashion Council (AFC) considers the safety and well-being of its supporters, partners, collaborators, and designers the ultimate priority. AFC prides itself on its authenticity, professionalism and transparency and believes it is important to advise the public and designers about third parties imposters who are claiming to be representatives of AFC, or are copying AFC’s proprietary site, intellectual property, and copyrighted materials to invite them to participate in fashion events not verified nor supported by international fashion authorities. In particular, beware of third parties presentations that are copying AFC’s presentations and materials and do not share any financial information or payment details. AFC would never ask you to disclose such financial information. Finally, beware of third parties trying to contact you via Instagram, email or WhatsApp claiming to be protecting you and sharing with you documents that could hack your phone.

If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be a representative of AFC or claiming to be organizing the official fashion week on the international calendar, an individual or entity breaching AFC’s proprietary intellectual property or any similar matter do not respond without first verifying their identity and do not share your documents or credit card details. The AFC will never ask for such information.

The AFC’s marked success and milestones made in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Dubai is evidenced by smaller and unknown platforms in the Middle East stealing AFC’s intellectual property and claiming to be in the official fashion calendar when they are not. Promptly call us directly at one of our offices and we will be happy to assist and please send us an email to legal@arabfashioncouncil.com.

For further details or call us at +971566955966

Yours Faithfully