This Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2022/23 is set to be amazing. The talent is phenomenal, and speaking of a phenom, we have Victor Weinsanto. This 26-year-old fashion sensation has already made rave reviews in the industry. Heavy fashion influencers, such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, highly regard him. He attended Victor Weinsanto's inaugural fashion presentation in March of 2020. His energetic vibe and fresh designs have all but wowed today's hungry and eager fashion-savvy individuals.


His most recent collections feature designs with stunning pops of color and interesting details. The most favorable silhouettes of this and past seasons are voluminous, with plush layered textiles. This Fuchsia Pink Fall jacket is modern yet sleek, with asymmetrical button closures on the shoulder and gathered fabrics throughout. The fierce stature of the model only elevates the charm and significance of this style. Solid pink and greenstones are amongst the most popular shades this season. Victor Weinsanto has utilized many, melding his designs into an impressive array of unforgettable and eclectic pieces.

Victor’s career continues to expand into deeper conventions. More well-known industry alums have taken to his unique aesthetics. Adrian Joffe of Comme des Garçons has already highlighted his clothing to the masses. He welcomed Victor into the Dover Street Market family. WWD considers his designs ‘over-the-top,’ but it’s clear how he uses fashion to convey his magnetic and rebellious essence. Since when was creative expressive freedom considered taboo? Weinsanto is set to light the runway ablaze!

His Fall-Winter 2022/23 collection is simply magnificent. Let’s begin with the corset two-piece. Faces transformed into hypnotic patterns were printed all over the set and in gorgeous arrays of purple hues. The same print was also on jumpsuits and various blouses in the collection. The cohesiveness of the collection is impressive. Everything was consistent with Victor’s theme. The black dresses are ‘sheer’ fantasy, literally. The transparent fabric was nicely contrasted with plush layered black shaggy fabric. Fuchsia pink is a popular color for the season. Victor’s creative overlapping gown with haphazardly buttoned details is very futuristic and bold. The quilted fabric theme was also present in this collection, transformed into pants and outerwear. The sphere-like bag accessories gave each item it was style with a dazzling effect.

The denim pieces with the sewn-in chaps are also creative. Standout looks include the oversized black strategically bunched jacket and the Shaggy textured fabric with voluminous effect. Victor Weinsanto’s collection is diverse in style and high-end.


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