Mohammad Amin Pour Eskandarian was born in October 1990in Tehran. He is a BA-holder in French translation, and he has passed different courses of fashion design at different levels.



Zar Douz is inspired by mountains and nature in the design of its clothes, and fondness for dance and ease of use is conspicuous in all the designs of this brand. Zar Douz believes that the nature of the mountains has a special evolution regarding the combination of texture and color, and this is a great source for having beautiful color combinations and attractive textures.

Humans are considered to active and vibrant in need of space as well as freedom to move, even in today’s mundane automatized everyday life. Therefore, Zar  Douz considers this combination of nature and comfort in all its designs, regardless of age. Moreover, you can see a combination of vintage and modern styles in Zar Douz designs, which are timeless. This has made the designs of Zar Douz brand to be suitable for all age groups. Zar Douz is an observer and careful reader; it is not going to lag behind the latest events, and it always strives to be up to date and have appropriate information about the conditions to provide better products.

Zar Douz is yours and it is not supposed to speak to you from a particular perspective or with a particular tone. As seen in our clothes, Zar Douz is popular; for this reason, we have addressed ourselves in all this introduction, but this does not mean that Zar Douz does not have a specific strategy. We hope we can grow and develop our business with you. Zar Douz was established in 2016 and it has active up to now. Its first physical store was established in 2019;at the same time, it unveiled its children’s clothes. Currently, Zar Douz brand is active in three lines: couture (hand-made clothes by Zar Douz), basic and children’s clothes.