Nature is the source of inspiration for Zar Douz Basic, and it is highly influenced by the coexistence of mountains and water. 

The clothes’ pattern is designed in such a way that the body can easily pursue a wide range of movements and activities, and the clothes can be used for a wide range of various sizes and shapes. 

Gender is not found in most clothes, and the unisex clothes bring about the same function and comfort for everyone. 

Based on its shape and personality, each piece of clothes has its own name. 

The choice of fabric, color and pattern is highly influenced by gardens, flowers, plants and animals, and all of fabrics are bought from small local markets in Tehran and other cities on a monthly basis.

These fabrics are rarely available in stores and due to their designs and colors, they have no place in today’s fashion in the eyes of buyers.

These fabrics that have an original and artistic identity, and they attractive for all ages. 

All of them are (vertically, horizontally and diagonally) lined and embroidered in the workshop.  

Embroidered sewing gives a new texture to the fabric and is more flattering, and its most important part is the touch of this texture on the clothes, which gives us the sense of touching a tree. 

No more than 5 items are tailored for each pattern, and each piece of clothes is produced with a large number of patterns and colors, and the clothes without patterns are made in greater numbers. 

Zar Douz Basic workshop in which adding texture to fabrics, tailoring and brand putting are all done is small and local. 

Clothes are put up for sale and show in Zar Douz Basic store. Zar Douz Basic store is inspired by explosion, war and destruction; the purpose of this design is to show our problems in the Middle East, their impact on work and life, and how we design and produce our clothes with colors and patterns without considering them. 

And at the end of the store, there is a suspended big white box on either side of which the fitting rooms are located with a white bright space full of mirrors where people can easily see the clothes on their bodies in all details. 

A piece of music is selected by an Iranian DJ to be played 18 hours a month to introduce the atmosphere of Zar Douz Basic. 

 Zar Douz Basic sees fashion in all walks of life and hopes to introduce itself to the world. 

Zar Douz Basic store is located in Sam Center in Tehran, the capital of Iran. 

Equal Collection  

It is a collection of clothes for all four seasons of Zar Douz Basic which is displayed on the body of 29 boys, half of whom are fashion models and the other half have their first experience in this performance. 

The combination of these two groups is mostly due to the fact that the audience identify with the models more closely and easily imagine themselves in the clothes. 

During the performance, some wardrobes are brought to the stage including some pieces of clothes on the hangers and some individuals wearing them. 

And the traces of the wardrobes’ rolling wheels on the floor illustrate embroidered sewing. 

Another part of this performance shows the climate change on the stage, which gradually gets wetter; despite these changes, all of these clothes are seen equally on the actors’ bodies in this performance due to all the changes. 

The participants are representatives of different nationalities who still use this collection of clothes in the same way. 

A neutral space with lighting is designed for Zar Douz Basic so that the audience pays the most attention to the clothes. In the middle of the performance, after placing all the wardrobes, the lights are turned on and off continuously for a few seconds to illustrate day and night, and using all these clothes in 24 hours. 

The green light and text of Zar Douz Basic manifest itself all over the space, which is the symbol of hopefulness and charm for me. 

The music of this performance has been composed by an Iranian DJ who has been familiar with the spirit of Zar Douz Basic since the beginning and he has always composed and selected music for us so that it easily conveys the message of the same atmosphere to everyone. 

With a lot of hope, Equal Collection of four seasons is designed equally for all human beings without considering gender and time.